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  • 66mm Dia Solid Steel Handrail Balls
  • 66mm Dia Solid Steel Handrail Balls
  • 66mm Dia Solid Steel Handrail Balls
  • 66mm Dia Solid Steel Handrail Balls
  • 66mm Dia Solid Steel Handrail Balls

66mm Dia Solid Steel Handrail Balls


Ball diameter is 55mm, 60mm, 66mm, 76mm, 80mm, 85mm, 90mm, 125mm…

Available in a range of diameters to suit 26.9mm(20mmNB), 33.7mm (25mm NB), 42.4mm (32mm NB) , 48.3mm (40mm NB), 60.3mm(50NB), 76.1mm(85NB)… tubular rails.

Technical Detail: Integral stretch ball,Punch holes according to customer requirements.

Selections of Materials:

Mild Steel

Galvanized steel

Stainless steel

1. Stanchion Spacing: 1000, 1100,1200 and 1500ram
2. Height of Handrail:
(1) Double Rails

A. Horizontal Handrail: with a minimum height of 1100ram for the handrail

B. Angled Handrail: with a minimum vertical height of 900ram for handrail

(2)Three Rails: generally 1200ram

(3)Single rail or more than 3 rails are subject to specific design.
3. Joint of Rail and Stanchion:
(1)Welding is generally adopted for joints with parcel antirust treatment.
(2) Bolts or pins are optional, with necessary holes to be drilled at site for installation.
4. If customer reduces the height of handrail or the thickness of steel pipe, or increase the main stanchion pitch, etc. so as to save cost, our company will not be responsible for any consequence incurred.

As customer required.



Stanchions tolerances
: +/- 5.0 mm in 1 metre
Angle drilling: +/- 1.5 degrees
Base plate alignment: +/- 1 mm
Vertical alignment: +/- L / 100
Sphere drilling: 2 – 4 oversize
Wall thickness+/- 2mm
Carbon steelStainless steelAluminum
(1) untreated(1) Sandblasting(1) Anodized
(2) Galvanized(2) Electropolishing(2) Powder coated
(3) Untreated(3) Untreated(3) Untreated
(4) Painting(4) Stain

Manufacturer Process

66mm Dia Solid Steel Handrail Balls

Handrail Knuckles

Our range of weldable handrail balls are the ideal solution to customers who wish to make up their own handrail standards and allow for a quick and easy installation of bespoke handrail

Supplied in mild steel self colour ready for welding and fabrication.

Can be supplied with holes in for grub screw, for venting during galvanising process or both.

Trade Prices.

No minimum order quantity.

Supplied 'self colour' ready to weld.

Technical Detail: Integral stretch ball, Punch holes according to customer requirements.

Can make any kind of products according to the drawing and photo, or what idea in your mind any information want to get more , please feel free to contact us anytime

Selections of Materials:

Steel: This is the most commonly used material and is used in all types of applications.

Aluminum: Aluminum 6063 T6 are available. Aluminum is usually used when weight or corrosion is an issue or in conditions where steel is unsuitable. Aluminum ball is commonly used in sewerage treatment facilities and commercial ,architectural and food service industry applications.

Stainless Steel: Stainless Steel 304/316/316L are available

Surface Treatment

Steel ball is most cases Galvanized to EN ISO 1461 to protect against corrosion or available Powder Coated

Aluminium ball can be anodized, Powder Coated or left as Mill Finish.

Stainless steel ball is Electro-Polished

Features & Benefits

1 Excellent corrosion resistance

2 High strength-to-weight ratio

3 Non-toxic and environmentally friendly

4 Easily recycled

5 Flexibility of either components or prefabricated panels.