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Four Important Notes Of Steel Grating Welding

Aug. 19, 2019

Welding of steel grating is a very important process. If you don't pay much attention to it at ordinary times, it should be very easy to encounter some problems. Plain Type Steel Grating Supplier hereby analyzes some of the parts that need to be considered during welding in detail. I hope that everyone can understand it in depth and keep it in mind.

As per request of client, Steel Grating can be delivered without wrapping. Yantai Haorui Metalwork has a single-sided fillet weld with a welding height not less than the thickness of the load-bearing flat steel. Length of the weld is not less than 4 times and thickness of the load-bearing flat steel. In the condition that the gusset plate does not accept the load, the steel grating plate allows one time of welding at a distance of 4 flat steels, but the spacing should not exceed 150mm.

Steel Grating

Steel Grating

The steel grating is not allowed to be welded at a time when the edging plate receives the load. The edging plate in the same direction as the flat steel is required to be welded to each cross bar. The cuts and openings in the grid plate are beyond 180mm and it also should be treated as edging.

The end plates of Stair Treads shall be fully welded on at least one side. For the grille plate stair treads, if there is a leading edge edging, it is necessary to run through the entire step.

The steel grating bearing flat steel can be a rectangular steel with a rectangular cross section, a profiled steel with an I section. And it can also be a steel with other geometric sections. Flat steel plate of the grid plate can be toothed to increase the anti-slip force of the steel grating. The minimum width of steel grating on the platform (walking path) of not less than 5 teeth per 100mm should not be less than 300mm.

These contents are some specific requirements that must not be neglected when carrying out steel grating welding work. Yantai Haorui Metalwork introduces the above points to you and we hope it can help everyone.