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  • T4 Steel Grating Stair Treads
  • T4 Steel Grating Stair Treads
  • T4 Steel Grating Stair Treads
  • T4 Steel Grating Stair Treads

T4 Steel Grating Stair Treads


T4 Steel Grating Stair Treads

Our company produces complete steel ladders with hand railings which are made of grating treads. According to whether the nosing to be used and the methods of mounting to stringers, grating treads are classified into four types, expressed as T1,T2,T3andT4. In view of economics it is advisable to use the recommended lengths and widths below

T1 Welded Fixing without Nosing

Type of Stair TreadsCheckered plate nosingStructure Characteristics
T4YESFor anchoring with bolts, the two ends are closed with 65 x 5 mm flat bars with holes with checkered plate nosing

Recommended Stair Treads Width

T1, T2, T3,T4 Bearing bar at 30mm pitch95125155185215245275
T1, T2  Bearing bars 40mm pitch125165205245285
T3, T4 Bearing bars 40mm pitch 115155195235275
Fixing hole centers4575100150

Grating Size

GradeCN: Q235, Q345, USA: A36, UK: 43A
StandardCN: YB/T4001-1998, USA: ANSI/NAAMM, UK: BS4592-1987, AUS1657-1988, JJS
CertificationCE, GOST, ISO9001, ISO14001, HSE
Bearing bar typePlain, Serrated (tooth-like), I bar (I section), Serrated-I
Bearing bar size20X5, 25X3, 25X4, 25X5, 30X3, 30X4, 30X5, 32X3, 32X5, 40X5, 50X4.75X8,100X8mm,etc
Bearing bar pitch20,25,30,32.5,34.3,40,50,60,62,65mm
Cross bar size5X5, 6X6, 8X8mm (twisted bar)/5, 6, 8mm ( round bar)
Cross bar pitch0, 50, 60, 65, 76, 100, 101.6, 120, 130mm, etc.
Panel size3x20ft,3x24ft,3x30ft,5800x1000,6096x1000,6400x1000, as request
Surface treatmentUntreated, hot dip galvanized, cold dip galvanized, painted, powder coated,pickling, electrolytic polishing, or as customers' requirement.
Galvanization StandardCN: GB/T13912, USA: ASTM (A123), UK: BS729
Applicationpetroleum and chemical, port, power, transportation, papermaking, medicie, steel and iron, food, municipality, real estate, manufacturing
Three ways of surface treatment can be adopted: galvanizing, painting and untreated, of which hot- dip galvanizing is recommended.
Hot-dip galvanizingIt is a form of galvanization. It is a process of coating steel grating with a thin zinc layer. By passing the metal through a molten bath of zinc, the average coating thickness is 70μm when steel bards range from 3mm to 5mm in thickness.
PaintingIt is also a good way to get surface protective film. Coating thickness depends on the customer's choice.


T4 Steel Grating Stair Treads