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Product Advantages Of Customized Steel Grating Stair Treads

Mar. 15, 2019

1. Polymer Customized Steel Grating Stair Treads is resistant to impact and fatigue:

It has high impact strength, allowing repeated bending without permanent deformation, while the metal grid is permanently deformed after being impacted and needs to be repaired. The polymer plastic splicing grid has moderate toughness, which makes the people who work on the long-term feel comfortable, reduces the urgency of the staff's legs and back, reduces the occurrence of accidents, and is conducive to improving production efficiency.

2, polymer Black Steel Grating Stair Treads slip:

With anti-slip function, the accident caused by slipping accounts for the second place in the accident. Slipping in many different places has become the main cause of the accident and has caused huge economic losses. The use of polymer plastic splicing grille makes walking safer and more comfortable, greatly reducing accidents caused by people slipping.

3, polymer mosaic grille resistant to aging:

Made of high quality raw materials to ensure product life is 20-30 years. According to the research and testing of the aging properties of polymer products by the National Research Institute, the results show that the strength of the products can still be retained above 85% after 5 years of exposure to the atmosphere.

4, polymer mosaic grille is beautiful and easy to maintain:

Its color is bright, it is not easy to fade, no need to paint, it is not limited to the surface like paint, so that the polymer plastic mosaic grille has self-cleaning effect. Even if there is dirt, it is easy to rinse with water or detergent, which can make the grille surface smooth. like New.

5, polymer splicing grid has a good comprehensive economic benefits: academic stability, oil resistance / acid and alkali and other chemical erosion. Rich, designable.

Customized Steel Grating Stair Treads