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What Should Be Paid Attention To When Welding Painting Serrated Bar Steel Grating?

Apr. 04, 2019

The solder joints at each soldering of the flat steel shall be welded or compressed to secure Painting Serrated Bar Steel Gratings.

1. The welding of Steel Grating Factory adopts resistance welding. The most common method is also this type of arc welding.

2. The pressure lock of the Petroleum Serrated Bar Steel Grating can be fixed by placing the crossbar (twist steel) into the load flat steel with an automatic press.

3. The steel grating of Steel Grating Factory can be processed into various sizes and steel plates of any shape according to user needs.

4. The load capacity of flat steel is determined by the thickness and height of the flat steel, as well as the pitch of the steel. The size of the steel grating is designed according to the actual use.

Painting Serrated Bar Steel Grating