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How Important Is The Role Of The Car Wash Painting Serrated Bar Steel Grating?

Mar. 20, 2019

Nowadays, the car wash shop Painting Serrated Bar Steel Grating on the ground of the car wash shop is the indispensable choice for the car wash shop owner. It is said that the car wash room grille can help us clean the ground and solve the problem of wet, slippery, dirty and messy ground in the car wash industry. , the phenomenon of difference. How is this magical?

1. Rich color, solid geometry, good decorative effect and designability

2. Using polymer materials, the carrying capacity is super strong

3. There is no water on the surface, the friction coefficient is high, and the anti-slip effect is satisfactory.

4. One-piece double-layer structure, no drainage system

5. Petroleum Serrated Bar Steel Grating Installation is convenient and quick, a single square meter can be installed in one minute.

6. Good corrosion resistance to weak acids and weak bases, no adsorption to oils and fats

7. Indoor and outdoor, a wide range of uses

Painting Serrated Bar Steel Grating