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Press Locked Steel Grating Ceiling Technology

Mar. 29, 2019

1. Determine the height and bounce the high horizontal line on the wall with ink bucket;

2. Fix the lifting bar on the top with the iron expansion bolt, and fix the light steel keel below the lifting bar to keep the level (if the grille span is no more than 3 meters, the lifting bar is not needed);

3. Use cement nails to nail the aluminum Angle line along the horizontal line;

4. Put the Press Locked Steel Grating on the ground and assemble it completely;

5. Put the assembled grille ceiling on the aluminum Angle iron, the middle position with a thin wire directly tied in the light steel keel;

6. Construction process of grid ceiling

Accurate measurement keel finishing surface planing open half groove lap joint flame retardant coating brush oil coating brush installation of frosted glass

7. Key points of construction

The Painting Press Locked Steel Grating frame should be made in the accurate measurement of the ceiling size.

Keel should be finished, the surface plane smooth, open bar joint, cross, vertical keel joint should be open half groove lap, and should be flame retardant coating treatment.

Press Locked Steel Grating