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Introduction Of Serrated Bar Aluminum Grating Ceiling

Mar. 23, 2019

The series of main bones and the secondary bones are vertically and horizontally distributed. The Serrated Bar Aluminum Grating ceiling composed of the continuous combination of lattice and lattice can relieve the feeling of depression caused by the closed type, and the visual effect is continuous and smooth, and the structure is rigorous. Various ever-changing ceilings can be decorated according to color, specifications, construction methods and lighting.

Features and advantages of grille ceiling: light weight, simple appearance, strong three-dimensional sense, novel shape, fireproof and moisture proof, convenient assembly and disassembly, good ventilation, and lamps, air-conditioning ports, exhaust ports, etc. can be installed in the Docks Trench Drain Grating Cover, local It can also be used continuously.

Applicable places: large space for exhibition halls, office buildings, shopping malls, bars, stations, subways, airports, etc.

Surface treatment: spraying, rolling, laminating

Serrated Bar Aluminum Grating