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Steel Walk Grating Production Process And Its Use

Feb. 25, 2019

The Painted Steel Grating is an open steel member which is fixed by orthogonally supporting the flat steel and the cross bar at a certain interval and fixed by welding or pressure lock; the cross bar is generally made of twisted square steel or round steel. Or flat steel, the material is divided into carbon steel and stainless steel. Steel gratings are mainly used for steel structure platform plates, trench cover plates, step plates for steel ladders, building ceilings, etc.

The Steel Walk Grating has high strength and light structure. Because of its strong grid welding technology, it has high carrying capacity and easy lifting. It has beautiful appearance and durability. The standard surface of steel grating is The hot dip galvanizing surface treatment has a very good anti-corrosion ability, and the surface is beautiful; ventilation, lighting, heat dissipation, explosion-proof, anti-skid performance; anti-soil.

Steel Walk Grating