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  • Press locked serrated stair treads
  • Press locked serrated stair treads
  • Press locked serrated stair treads
  • Press locked serrated stair treads
  • Press locked serrated stair treads

Press locked serrated stair treads


Press locked serrated stair treads

Serrated press-locked steel grating is made of low carbon steel or stainless steel. With the features of high strength, high bearing capacity, non-slip, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, high security, do not accumulate rain, snow and dust, simple and beautiful and easy to install and remove, serrated press-locked steel grating is widely used in industrial, commercial and civil constructions as floors, platforms, entrance ramp, walkways and different types of ladders, such as straight ladder and spiral ladder.

GratingStandardMaterial StandardHDGStandard
BritishBS4592-1995BS4360 (43A)BS729
GradeCN: Q235, Q345, USA: A36, UK: 43A
CertificationCE, GOST, ISO9001, ISO14001, HSE
Bearing bar typePlain, Serrated (tooth-like), I bar (I section), Serrated-I
Bearing bar size20X5,25X3,25X4,25X5,30X3,30X4,30X5,32X3,32X5,40X5,50X475X8,100X8mm, etc
Bearing bar pitch20,25,30,32.5,34.3,40,50,60,62,65mm
Cross bar size5X5, 6X6, 8X8mm (twisted bar)/5, 6, 8mm ( round bar) and etc
Cross bar pitch0, 50, 60, 65, 76, 100, 101.6, 120, 130mm, etc.
Panel size1mx1m3x20ft,3x24ft,3x30ft,5800x1000,6096x1000,6400x1000, as request
SurfaceUntreated, hot dip galvanized, cold dip galvanized, painted, powder, electrostatic coating
ColorSilver/Black, painted color as required
Applicationpetroleum and chemical, port, power, transportation, papermaking, medicine, steel and iron, food, municipality, real estate, electric power plants, oil

Hot dip galvanized, Untreated, Painting, Electrostatic spraying

Press-Locked Grating is specified due to its clean, smooth look as well as supporting the same loads as welded bar grating though not recommended for rolling loads. Press-Locked is formed using tremendous hydraulic pressure to bond the two close-tolerance slotted bars together, permanently locking the cross bars into the notched bearing bars. Press-Locked grating is fabricated to meet project requirements. Press locked bar grating is an extremely versatile product that can be used in a wide range of industrial applications. It offers the advantage of superior lateral support, particularly when using press-locked steel bar grating (as opposed to the aluminum version). What's more, press locked-bar grating is durable and very easy to maintain, making it a reliable and long-term grating solution.

The Uses of Press-Locked Bar Grating

1. Stair treads

2. Security screens in commercial buildings

3. Municipal engineering as tree covers, trench covers and drainage covers

4. Platforms

5. Walkways in industrial factories or parks

6. Modular mezzanine structures

7. Bridges for vehicles and pedestrians

8. Marine industries as working platform

9. Suspended ceiling


1. Panel width to be 6mm-16mm

2. Panel gaps length to be 10mm

3. Banded bars are welded 5mm fillet seal weld to every load bar.